Ceiling Design with Architectural Mesh

    HAVER Architectural Mesh offers an array of exciting design-oriented solutions for creative ceiling projects, with individual aesthetic features and reliable functionality. Whether in convex or concave waves, in strained tracks or cassettes, architectural wire mesh can be used in large or small spaces.

    Optimizing Acoustics with Architectural Mesh on Ceilings

    Architectural wire mesh can be used as ceiling cladding for optimizing room acoustics. Equipped with state-of-the-art acoustic material, wire mesh has brilliant sound absorbing effects. The functional sound absorbing material is hidden behind the high-class mesh.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    Brilliant coverings and protection of technical systems

    Wire mesh is suitable for covering technical systems because of its structure and mostly flat viewing angle. Lighting the mesh from different angles can create either an opaque, semi-transparent, or transparent appearance, depending on the design you wish to achieve. Concurrently, the mesh is robust enough to protect the technical equipment above.

    Ventilation and sprinkler systems

    Depending of the requirements of your project, the opening portion of the wire mesh can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate both ventilation and sprinkler systems.

    Individual mounting systems

    Ceilings made of architectural mesh can be straight, wavy or divided into removable elements with customized mounting systems. Also lighting fixtures or sprinklers can be integrated into the mesh ceiling.

    Improve acoustics

    Wire mesh is particularly suitable for acoustically effective ceilings. The round wires scatter the sound in different directions while acting as a high quality semi-transparent support for acoustic materials.

    Large mesh panels

    Large ceiling applications can be constructed with tensioned elements of architectural mesh. The only requirement is a corresponding substructure which is able to absorb the resulting loads.

    Fire resistance

    Architectural wire mesh is non-flammable and meets the highest demands for fire safety.

    Ceiling System SUSPENSE

    The system SUSPENSE made of HAVER Architectural Mesh is the ideal concept for suspended ceilings that creates new standards for individual interior design.

    Two- and three-dimensional forms can be realized with the exactly coordinated components of pre-finished stainless steel mesh elements and a filigree substructure.

    Due to the selection of different mesh types, there are almost no limits in the design of ceiling lining. In addition to an exceptionally aesthetic the suspended ceiling system convince with durability, easy installation and low maintenance. The ceiling system by HAVER & BOECKER is an attractive solution not only for renovation and modernization projects.


    The preformed mesh elements are convex inserted into the ceiling system SUSPENSE.


    The preformed mesh elements are inserted lying flat into the ceiling system SUSPENSE.


    The preformed mesh elements are alternating inserted concave/convex into the ceiling system SUSPENSE.

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    Make yourselves a picture about the various possibilities using architectural wire mesh. Be inspired by our numerous reference projects from all over the world!