IMAGIC WEAVE Media Façades

    Architectural façades are being increasingly used as platforms for new media communication. IMAGIC WEAVE® is a fusion of HAVER Architectural Woven Wire Mesh and the latest LED technology from Traxon Technologies. This unique transparent media façade system can transform airport buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers and other large buildings into exciting transparent canvases for vibrant, large-scale communication.

    Be inspired by the possibilities of IMAGIC WEAVE® Media Façades.

    Wire mesh + LED technology

    IMAGIC WEAVE® combines HAVER Architectural Mesh with state-of-the-art LED technology and enables the creation of individually programmable lighting effects in all colours including full video presentation. An IMAGIC WEAVE® media facade appears as an elegant stainless steel wire mesh façade, even when no content is being displayed. The slim LED profiles are discreetly installed on the backside of the mesh making them nearly invisible from the front. Consequently, the homogenous look of the façade is maintained even in combination with different media resolutions. Wire mesh media façades are becoming the focus of new media communication. Largescale imaging video using LED media solutions accentuate the appearance and functionality of contemporary architectural sites in any urban landscape - day and night. The result is an outstanding example of media architecture.

    Aesthetic transparent system

    In contrast to non-transparent systems, the displayed images seem to be suspended directly in front of the media façade without concealing it completely and can become strikingly transparent, depending on the ambient brightness. In addition, the slim LED profiles are mounted on the wire mesh so that they are hardly noticeable when not in use and have no effect on the aesthetics of the façades themselves.

    Convince yourself of the amenities of our transparent media façade on wire mesh. Your advantages at a glance:

    Flexible Design

    We produce the wire mesh elements and LED profiles in various sizes to meet project-specific requirements. Due to the flexible mounting system even the largest areas can easily be covered with the media façade IMAGIC WEAVE®.

    Homogeneous Appearance

    The LED profiles are attached to the reverse side of the wire mesh maintaining the homogenous look of the façade at all times.

    The inconspicuous cabling of each profile is not visible from the outside and with the high transparency of the mesh, the translucent look of the media façade is maintained from both inside and outside. The shape and size of the media screen does not have to be the same size as the wire mesh façade.

    Longevity, Energy and Cost Efficiency using modern LED Technology

    High brightness along with low energy costs, longevity and low maintenance – these are the qualities offered by the latest LED technology. The continuous adjustment of brightness to the ambient conditions also emphasizes the energy efficiency of the media façade.

    Weather Resistance

    Our IP67 protected system is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. By using high quality stainless steel in combination with weather and UV-resistant materials IMAGIC WEAVE® is a media facade system with robust weathering and temperature resistance.

    Even in extreme temperatures of -30°C to 60°C IMAGIC WEAVE® ensures trouble-free operation. The proven functionality of stainless steel mesh for sun protection as well as the transparency of the mesh facade enriches the application.

    Programming and Intuitive Operation Worldwide

    The programming of IMAGIC WEAVE® is done through "Lighting Application Suite" video software by e:cue. Using a smartphone, tablet PC or other remote device the media façade can easily be controlled from practically anywhere in the world.

    Easy Maintenance and Retrofitting

    During the development of IMAGIC WEAVE® great emphasis was placed on creating a simple assembly concept. Though our specially designed clip-technology the LED-profiles and the universal connector system are very easy to install.

    And, if necessary, they can quickly and smoothly be replaced on location. Subject to certain requirements our system can be installed on new or existing wire mesh façades.

    Individual Service

    At every phase of your media façade project our highly trained specialists will give you comprehensive support. We will guide you safely every step of the way from concept to implementation.

    Brilliant Quality

    The full video-based media façade system creates with an infinite number of colors a sensational result on the wire mesh façade.

    Night and Daytime Use

    To ensure a 24-hour operation anywhere in the world our IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade is available with a maximum brightness > 11000 nit (cd / m²). At dusk or at night the system can continuously be dimmed, automatically or manually.

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