Endless possibilities for the use of architectural mesh

    Due to the functional and aesthetic characteristics of HAVER Architectural Mesh, it offers new and versatile fields of applications in architecture. Architectural wire mesh convinces with its noble optic and meets at the same time the highest standards of safety and stability in indoor and outdoor applications.

    Illuminated Mesh Façades

    Illuminated HAVER Architectural Mesh provides a beautiful transparent stainless steel façade by day and a vibrant veil of colour by night. During the day the reflective properties of architectural mesh are especially appealing. The Transparent Media Façade can look partially closed due to light reflection from the wires which together with the play of daylight, appear to be constantly changing.

    At night the illuminated wire mesh transforms as the colorful LED’s bring the façade to life. The LED spotlights are positioned at the bottom of the façade and can be installed partially or completely across the width.

    In darkness a seemingly static mesh façade is transformed into a dynamic wall of light, which appears to move harmoniously with the position and movement of the viewer. The presentation of vibrant color and lighting displays can be programmed individually. Virtually any colour can be created offering complete artistic freedom, whether it’s completely submerging the façade in one single color or illuminating with individual lighting effects.

    For further information please visit Illuminated Mesh Façades.

    Optimizing Acoustics with Architectural Mesh on Walls and Ceilings

    Architectural wire mesh can be used as wall or ceiling cladding for optimizing room acoustics. Equipped with state-of-the-art acoustic material, wire mesh has brilliant sound absorbing effects. The functional sound absorbing material is hidden behind the high-class mesh.

    For further information please visit Optimizing Acoustics with Architectural Mesh.

    Architectural Mesh for coloring façades

    Architectural wire mesh is often used with a stainless steel look, however there are numerous options available for coloring. Let’s make your project one of a kind with Painting, Logos, Digital Printing, Coated Wires or wire mesh made of non-ferrous metal (cooper, tin bronze, brass).

    For further information please visit Architectural Mesh and Coloring.


    Architectural mesh offers a secure solution for your balustrades and guardrails.

    High quality appearance: In spite of its stability, architectural wire mesh offers your balustrade textile elegance.

    Semi-transparency: A balustrade with an architectural wire mesh filling creates different optical effects. It appears closed if you look from the side while a frontal view or backlight cause a transparent appearance. It provides a great view from a balcony, while the view from the street to the balcony is hindered.

    Stability: Architectural mesh is woven from many high-tensile wires, ensuring a high level of security.

    Durability: Using corrosion resistant stainless steel, your balustrade could last a lifetime.

    For further information please visit Balustrades with Architectural Mesh.

    Wire Mesh for Structural Alteration Works

    Architectural Mesh is suitable for the renovation, expansion or modernization of existing buildings. As a modern design element it can be used to connect old and new building structures – as a façade cladding, interior cladding or decorative protection.

    For further information please visit Building Redevelopment with Architectural Mesh.

    Free Configuration

    Versatility and stability, robustness and exclusive optical properties make HAVER Architectural Mesh the ideal material for designing spaces, surfaces and other functional elements for both interior and exterior applications.

    For further information please visit Free Configuration with Architectural Mesh.

    For further information about HAVER Architectural Wire Mesh please visit our overview of Architectural mesh types.

    Make yourselves a picture about the various possibilities using architectural wire mesh. Be inspired by our numerous reference projects from all over the world!