Wall Cladding with Architectural Mesh

    Our architectural wire mesh reveals its enormous versatility in the design of objects, walls and interiors. Both its technical and optical properties offer imaginative construction and design concepts for interior use.
    Depending on the intended use, different types of wire meshes and coatings are available which are especially resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and mechanical influences.

    Room dividers and wall cladding can be constructed both internally and externally. Moreover, combined with materials such as wood, glass or exposed concrete, architectural wire mesh creates exciting textural contrasts which enhance the appearance of both large public buildings and smaller architectural solutions. The play of light and shade, gloss and transparency also gives each project its own unmistakable identity.

    Versatility, stability and exclusive optical properties make architectural mesh the ideal material for designing interior walls. Your benefits at a glance:

    High quality appearance

    Architectural mesh offers timeless elegance for your interior design. It is extremely durable and can be the highlight of your interior design.

    Protection of technical installations

    Wire mesh is great for cladding technical installations. Due to the mesh structure it appears almost opaque from the side. The wire mesh is robust enough to protect the technology behind it.

    Ventilation systems

    Depending of the requirements of your project, the opening portion of the wire mesh can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate ventilation systems.

    Large mesh panels

    Large wall applications can be constructed with tensioned elements of architectural mesh. The only requirement is a corresponding substructure which is able to absorb the resulting loads.

    Improve acoustics

    Wire mesh is particularly suitable for acoustically effective walls. The round wires scatter the sound in different directions while acting as a high quality semi-transparent cladding for acoustic materials.

    Fire resistance

    Architectural wire mesh is non-flammable and meets the highest demands for fire safety.

    For further information about HAVER Architectural Wire Mesh please visit our overview of Architectural mesh types.

    Make yourselves a picture about the various possibilities using architectural wire mesh. Be inspired by our numerous reference projects from all over the world!